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Friday, December 31, 2010

★MLF 569 ★ Alumi Curl Cap

★MLF 569 ★ Alumi Curl Cap
Quantity : 1 pack only, brought from Taiwan
Direction:1)After curling your hair using any curling kit
e.g the magic strawberry curlers, put on the Alumi Curl Cap
2)Use a hair drying with hot air to blow through the 3 holes on the cap first and followed by the cold air
3)Do not insert the hair drying into the holes
4)Let it cool down for about 5mins before removing the cap
RM 25 Free Delivery

Thursday, August 12, 2010

MLF Celebrities Bib Necklace * Feedbacks *




We have a lot of feed-backs from last few batches but we failed to collect them since we thought this necklace cannot be restock anymore. We believe this will be the last batch and we will sell off all and no more in future.

  Click the picture below to view our successful trade-lists
1. sold to Jas ( 25.11 - LG118355829MY )
2. sold to ewd ( 25.11 - LG118355815MY )
3. sold to rara ( 25.11 - LG120742628MY )
4. sold to tasha (26.11 pay - poslaju)
5.  sold to JY ( 27.11 pay - LG120741225MY )
6. sold to Zeela (28.11 pay - LG120741874MY)

7. sold to Rahmat (01.12 pay - LG120741891MY)

8. sold to Shireen (01.12pay - EN440334759MY)

9. sold to hanin

sold to Nabilah LG120742835MY, Lo LG120741208MY , Ayuni LG120742849MY, Cherry LG120742821MY, Hanin LG120741211MY , Amira.B LG120735777MY , Ainoor LG120735785MY, Gigi, Arielle LG120735803MY, Sheril

status for this batch : sold to Melati LG12044181MY, sold to Syaza LG115103980M, sold to Charlene LG115103525MY, sold to Charlene LG115103525MY, sold to Syafinaz LG115106867MY, sold to Aliza LG115106853MY, sold to Joyce LG115106805MY, sold to Cher Lyn LG115106840MY,

** no more collecting on this tradelist but still we keep on selling a lot of this necklace :) Reason being is we have a lot of things to handle and we believe the feedbacks and previous tradelist records are sufficient to boost your confidence to buy from us **

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Super Big Clearance Sales! All must go!

First pay first get basis! 
Brand New and Second Hand for sale!
All 100% in good condition! 

  Summer Soft Yellow Flowery Rhinestone Tee
Free Size
Brand New
Best Fit : XS . S . M . L
现卖 RM 10

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Monday, May 3, 2010

MLF Babies - Belts Collection

 MLF ★ Trendy Simple Mix and Match Adjustable Belt

Champagne x1
Red x1  
RM 15

 MLF ★ Stretchable Elastic Belt

Last piece in YELLOW 

RM 15 each

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MLF Slim Purses Feedbacks


The blogspot link of this customer : http://bunbun-chak.blogspot.com/2010/09/purse-baru.html


Sara-white purse buyer.