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Sunday, December 6, 2009

100%USA LEPTIN slimming! proven results! **Green Coffee1000 ** Ready stock ** Heath & SLIM n PRETTY *

I bet you need some "HELP" after all these fattening holidays :)
Do email us for the price.
Best take 2 boxes to try, 36days supply, for best results ^_^

For Serious Weight Loss : To see the best results, to take with Weight Loss Dried Plum (scroll down)

★SUPRESSES appetite safely★

Green coffee 1000Formula is a "drug-free" dietary supplement developed from a blend of herbal extracts. When used with a healthy diet plan, Green coffee 1000  helps your body to burn fat and calories.
herbal extracts and minerals ~ make this diet supplement natural.
antioxidant qualities necessarythermo genesis that increases metabolism of fat
Chromium and Vanadium~ increase the burning of carbohydrates and metabolic rate.
Panax Ginseng ~ maintain energy levels while dieting.
Heartleaf ~ starts the process of burning fat while maintaining your appetite.


From the seller, me :
100% effective, if you have no confident on this, please take 1 box to try first, I'm sure you will come back to this!!
I've consumed this since 21 october 2009
the results for 21oct - 02nov is 3-4KG
You won't regret for this.
I promise!

Price? Please email me at

Welcome to buy in bulks!

** We offer the LOWEST price **

Don't MISS the CHANCE !
REAL PRODUCT from Manufacturer Company





Discover the ancient secrets of the orient .

Green coffee is a natural antioxidant and weight loss enhancer.

Get a 30 day supply of out Green coffee Patch,let the weight-loss begin.
INGREDIENTS:70mg Calcium
250mcg Chromium (as Chromium Dinicotinate Glycinate)
700mg Propietary Herbal Bend: Green tea leaf standardized extract (180 mg antioxidant polyphenols, 90mg epigallocatechin gallate [EGCG], 50mg naturally occurring caffeine), Asian(Panax) ginseng root standardized.

DIRECTIONS:Take one Pack in the mid-morning ( with 100ml water )

CONTENTS:18packs of Greencoffee800 in a factory sealed box (a 18 day supply)

GC800 Information

Important Information

★p/s: I'm only a seller, if u feel any comfortlessness, kindly to contact with me and i will try to share smth with u.

But then i won't responsibility negative effect because im not the manufacturer.
Any responsibility matter, kindly to contact with qoqo which is manufacturer, they will help u all the time.  thumbup.gif

Red color column is fake one 

Feedback from the loyal customers :) 
(Not all, but some because we are too busy for doing this)

Now, we introduce the Weight Loss Dried Plum
 (Highly Recommended)
For Serious Weight Loss : To see the best results, to take with Leptin Coffee 1000
Weight Loss Dried Plum is a natural healthy food, with no side effects, made
from edible herbal plants such as Yunnan Puerh tea and Lotus leaves. It is prepared especially with dried plums and active lactobacillus.

Ingredients: Active Lactobacillus, Lotus Leave, Dried Plum and Puerh Tea

Active Lactobacillus maintains a healthy digestion system and keeps optimal blood pressure level. Helps you receive the correct amount of good and bad bacteria to your body. Also promotes mineral and vitamin absorption and stimulates the immune system.
Lotus leaves is considered a natural herb with wonderful curative characteristics, as healing bruises, reduces muscle spasm and stops bleeding.
Lotus leaves eases fever and assists the digestion system.

Dried Plum is rich in antioxidant and fiber and helps maintain a healthy digestion system and lowers the risk of colon cancer. Also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar level.
Puerh Tea (aged tea) is a great fat burning weight loss product.

It is known for its ability to assist in the digestion of fatty foods, increases metabolism and reduces cholesterol levels. Puerh tea absorbs the cholesterol until it reaches the digestive system. This means that the body does not absorb the fat even though the food was eaten. Puerh tea outperforms green tea in this case.
Directions: Take one piece after dinner